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8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Question 01: How can you define a modular kitchen in layman terms?
Answer 01: A modular kitchen is a different concept of setting up a kitchen for comfort and convenience. A platform comprising of accessories, appliances, cabinets, shutters, spoon hanging, etc. provides a great relief for home owners in enhancing the operational abilities of a kitchen. Available in different shapes, size, colors, designs, textures, etc. the elements of a modular kitchen can indeed bring great novelty and uniqueness to the interior of the residential spaces. With constant innovation and experiment, home owners can keep changing the concept of the modular kitchen from time to time. Modular kitchen reflects the image of the home owners greatly in the eyes of the viewers.

Question 02: How can Modular kitchen be a benefit for me?
Answer 02: Working in a modular kitchen is very different from a traditional one. With a space for every need and requirement of a kitchen, a modular kitchen fulfills it all. Cooking and working in a modular kitchen is full of fun and enjoyment. Working couples find it difficult to impart time post coming back from office. Thus with little effort in a modular kitchen, one can indeed cook delicious meals with lot of varieties. Accessories and appliances like microwave oven, dishwashers, hobs and cook top, etc. snatch away the hassles of working in a messy and cluttered kitchen. Instead in a modular kitchen one can find ample room for space and storage.

Question 03: How can I go for a self desired modular kitchen?
Answer 03: Kitchen is the most special place in our home. It is essential for the home owners to design it in the best possible manner for providing convenience to the home maker. Modular kitchen is a perfect idea of bringing ease in performing kitchen chores. Being a customized concept, the home owners can easily plan every step as per their needs and requirement. With placement of accessories, appliances, cabinets, drawers, etc. in the desired place, one can definitely come up with a great modular kitchen. The user of a modular kitchen would feel ease in working in it. With an easy access to the appliances and other elements, work can be completed in a very less time.

Question 04: How can I decide between a Branded Kitchen and a carpenter-made kitchen?
Answer 04: Home owners can choose between branded as well as carpenter made modular kitchens. In a branded set up, the home owners can easily avail a ready to install modular kitchen with ample space for installation of appliances and accessories. However, in a carpenter made kitchen, the home owner needs to be personally involved from start to end with an eye for detail. Also, the cabinets, shutters, etc. are built from scratch and hence it can take quite some time till the final product is ready. A branded modular kitchen takes approximately fifteen to twenty in a complete set up while the latter one can take around a month to two months of time. Thus, the final choice depends upon personal discretions.

Question 05: Roughly, how much amount is required for setting up a modular kitchen?
Answer 05: Planning and setting up a modular kitchen goes through a set of processes and steps. Initially it starts with site visit, measurements, designing of structure and layout, planning and discussion, final call, sending order for manufacturing, receiving the dispatch from company and lastly ends at installation of the products at home. The set of process comprises of different costs which becomes the final cost of payment. It is advisable to consult well with the experts before making the final order. With customization and expert consultation, the home owners can avail a modular kitchen well in budget. However, a minimum investment of INR 60000 to 70000 can fetch a basic modular kitchen for a person.

Question 06: By when can I get my modular kitchen installed?
Answer 06: It is very essential for the home owners to avoid haste in installation of a modular kitchen. Since safety is one of the key parameters, it is advisable to get every part installed with satisfaction. A slight mistake in installation might hamper the overall setting of a modular kitchen. Measurements are very important in a modular kitchen. Hence a minimum ideal time for installation might range from fifteen to twenty days. In case of any specialized setting or other requirements, it might exceed to four to five weeks time as well. A deep recee of several brands and competitors is very essential for taking the final decision for set up.

Question 07: How can I maintain the beauty of my modular kitchen?
Answer 07: Maintenance and care of any object would automatically raise its life. It is very essential to maintain and take utmost care of the modular kitchen overall. Though it does not require any deep cleaning yet it is essential to follow some points. Since the chimney is self reliant to a great extent, the home owner can clean it with a damp cotton cloth for avoiding any scratches. Also usage of sharp objects like knife, fork, etc. for cleaning is a big no in the kitchen. Since the rollers of drawers tend to choke due to weather conditions, it is advisable to apply some wax over it.

Question: 08: Can you explain the essence of Hob, Chimney, Sink and other appliances in my modular kitchen?
Answer 08: Modular kitchen is simply perfect with all the accessories and appliances well fitted in place. With right selection of hob, chimney, sink, microwave oven, etc. the home maker can definitely reduce the stress and tension of performing household chores. With a large number of brands present in this segment, home owners must check the pricing well before making the final purchase decision. With a touch of these accessories in kitchen, the experience of cooking and doing other kitchen chores turns out to be full of fun.
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