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A modular kitchen is a new and popular wave in the world of interior designing in Navi Mumbai. While a regular kitchen serves the purpose of cooking, modular kitchen strives to rejuvenate this experience with a dash of fun, efficiency and cleanliness. A modular kitchen includes pre-designed/assembled appliances of a kitchen for their sequential arrangement. It is a new method for taking up the art of cooking. Infact with systematic array of the tools and hardware, any person can just enter the kitchen and gain a beautiful experience of working there.

The straight wall type, C-shaped design, U-shaped design, L-shaped style, G-shaped type, island type and double galley kitchen are few of the varieties one can choose from. The buyer can also be creative and combine two or more of these designs to make the kitchen look unique. Shelves, sink, dishwasher, cook tops, chimney, counter tables, trolley, refrigerator, cabinets, drawers and corner storage system are some of the appliances found in the modular kitchen. Before getting it installed, necessary attention needs to be paid towards accessories of hinges, drawer slides, backlash profile, handles and plinth.

Getting a modular kitchen installed in the home is not really a complex deal if due consideration is given to few important factors. The space available, the design of the kitchen, the type and quality of the appliances, needs of the user, frequency of the kitchen use and budget limit are the key factors to be borne in mind before daunting the task of installing a modular kitchen. One of the most important aspects of deciding on a modular kitchen design is the quality of the materials used. The temperature and humidity levels in the kitchen undergo frequent changes. This is why one cannot bargain on the quality of the materials. The user needs to check if the appliances are corrosion free, warp free, water proof and free from heavy maintenance costs. This will also ensure a longer service life for all the appliances.

Having finalized the design and appliances of the kitchen, the user has two options - Branded or non branded modular kitchen. He can either rely on his expertise and hire a carpenter for getting the kitchen designed or opt for manufacturers / agencies that have a team of experts to meet the customers' needs. After deciding upon the brand, following sequence of activities shall be met with for installation of a modular kitchen:

- Make a comparative analysis of the manufacturers. Choose the one that suits the buyer.
- Approach them to know their quotes.
- Place an order for the modular kitchen design and explain the specifications and budget.
- Experts visit the premise to get real estimate of the statistics and layout of the premise.
- Manufacturers arrange for the raw materials and begin working on the design.
- Once the design and appliances are ready for installation, the experts will reach the premise for actual installation.

Generally the installation takes duration of one month to three months. This may also increase or decrease depending upon the specifications and details of the design of a modular kitchen.
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