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Modular Kitchen Price in Navi Mumbai

The usual way of designing a kitchen has experienced a new change with modular kitchens gaining recognition across the world. Brands such as Gilma, UltraFresh, Godrej Interio and IFB are some of the trusted names when it comes to modular kitchen. Designed to include pre-built kitchen appliances and tools, a modular kitchen aids in bringing systematic working method. There is less confusion, low maintenance cost, reduced stress levels and less mess.

If modular kitchen is the buyer's choice, he needs to pin down on the following factors to decide on the cost involved:
- Brand preference
- Kitchen Design
- Number, quality and style of tools
- Space available

If one is deciding to buy brands such as Sleek and Hettich, the design can be expensive. Designs such as the Island type and parallel counters style are expensive. On the contrary straight wall style of a modular kitchen is fairly inexpensive. The raw materials also have a huge impact on the cost of the kitchen. While glass, granite and wood fall in the expensive slot, steel and marble can be considered as cheap. There are multiple appliances to fit into a modular kitchen. Sink, hob, chimney, dishwasher, cabinets, refrigerator, counter tops, trolley, drawers, pantry and storage shelves are few of the appliances. The higher is the quality of accessories, appliances and other elements; the higher will be the cost incurred. However it is always advisable to keep the kitchen simple and include only necessary items for use.

Generally the cost of a modular kitchen may vary from Rs 50,000 to Rs 3, 00,000. This may be higher with an additional change in the design of the kitchen. If the buyer is opting for more luxurious design, the cost may increase to Rs 6, 00,000 too.
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