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Modular Kitchen Shutters

Modular kitchen shutters have opened a world of possibilities for home owners. They have moved over traditional materials and are experimenting with new combination materials. The primary concern while choosing modular kitchen shutters is durability. Home owners choose shutters on the basis of attributes, characteristics, maintenance and above all, affordability.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Navi Mumbai
Solid wood shutters in the modular kitchen have long attracted the home owners and the interior decorators alike. Solid wood shutters have a certain appearance that makes them look beautiful, tough and long lasting as well. With a number of options available to choose from, home owners can select Mahogany, Teakwood, Rubber wood and others for the solid wood shutters. Solid Wood is one of the most preferred materials as it is quite durable and lasts for a longer period as compared to others. Solid Wood shutters in modular kitchen do not require much maintenance and hence, looks elegant and aesthetic for years.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Navi Mumbai
Polyurethane Coated Shutters are the order of the day in modular kitchens. With amazing abrasion resistance properties, PU coated shutters outperform other materials. The wear and tear is quite minimal and hence, there is no requirement to replace the shutters for a long period of time. This makes PU coated shutters pocket friendly. Polyurethane can be tailored in different styles to get the best out it. It is a suitable material for kitchen shutters for a variety of reasons. The physical properties of the material are such that it is resistant to a range of environmental conditions viz. heat, aging and cold as well.


Membrane Shutters, Navi Mumbai
Membrane shutters are being considered as an investment rather than an expense. The shutters have become very popular recently owing to a number of reasons. Preferred for kitchen shutters and doors, membrane shutters are available in high quality and ready to fit stage. Being a water resistant material, they are perfect for kitchen shutters. They are not affected by kitchen atmosphere, unlike wood and other materials. In addition, membrane shutters are easy to clean and maintain as well. Without any gaps, joints or spaces, membrane shutters do not have corners where dust and debris can settle. Just a wipe is enough to keep them shining for years.


Floral Shutters, Navi Mumbai
Floral shutters have recently found takers due to their elegance and beauty. Kitchen earlier used to be plain and composed of single color. However, times have changed and floral designs have made their way into modular kitchens. There are a lot of options available with floral designs and home owners are spoilt for choice. Inspired from Mother Nature, floral designs vary in color, motifs and patterns. They introduce an element of nature in the kitchens, refreshing the mood of the person preparing the meal. Floral designs look fresh and energetic, encouraging home owners to enter the kitchen and fall in love with the decor.


Acrylic Shutters, Navi Mumbai
Kitchen Interior designers have started recommending acrylic shutters for the kitchen cabinetry. The material is preferred for a number of reasons. The benefit of using acrylic is that it is easy to mould and shape with little heat. Acrylic shutters are impact resistance and last for longer periods as compared to other materials. With excellent weathering properties, acrylic shutters are a great choice for a broad range of temperature. Available in attractive colors and designs, acrylic shutters are being chosen over traditional materials in modular kitchen. Above all, acrylic is scratch resistant, making it perfect for vulnerable and versatile kitchen cabinetry.


Laminates Shutters, Navi Mumbai
The beauty of using Laminate shutters in modular kitchen is that it can easily simulate and mimic the look of varied materials, without any visible difference. Home owners have come to use laminate for kitchen shutters in place of solid wood shutters, due to versatility offered by the former. The printing process helps reproduce the appearance and surface texture of even natural materials, blending the looks of the material with benefits of the laminate. Further, laminate shutters are easy to clean and maintain, unlike natural materials. They can be easily installed, maintained and replaced in case of any kind of damage.
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